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TrueSelf Liberation

Where a unique blend of insightful Clarity, integrity, self Awareness  and emotional Clearing Will set you free

Hello, I’m Willow Bryte, Your highly Experienced ‘TrueSelf Liberation’ Guide & Coach

I work with bright, brave, determined, open-minded women (and femme identifying people) in the UK and around the world. I create real, visible, felt results during a series of one to one video sessions.
Our work together can set you free from destructive patterns or emotions. Free from situations that, so far, you haven’t been able to escape from. Free from emotional pain, unhelpful beliefs (that may just seem like the truth to you) and from childhood or adult abuse or trauma. Free from anger, hurt, fear, overthinking, isolation, confusion, frustration, stuck-ness or overwhelm. Whether it is coming from the past or the present.
I bring you the relief of clearly understanding all that’s been going on for you, regardless of the area of your life where it is showing up. We can release the pain, clear the past and connect you more clearly and satisfyingly to your soulful TrueSelf. As a result you will be glad to be you. And you’ll have better relationships with others, all while creating and living the life that’s right for you.
I work at the sweet spot where my own TrueSelf Liberation meets my decades of training and experience in multi-disciplined therapy and coaching.
Holistically, my powerful client work draws on the specialisms of psychology, psychotherapy, neurodiversity, recovery, codependency, hypnosis, spirituality, energy work, inner child & parenting work, plus transformational techniques, including EFT tapping and Timeline therapy®.
This work involves a nurturing, supportive relationship. We'll make full use of my deep, broad, down to earth yet soulful and strategic knowledge. You will benefit from my vast personal and client experience. We'll use a unique, focussed blend of clarity, integrity, self-awareness and emotional clearing to resolve your issues and uncover and liberate your TrueSelf.

What is TrueSelf Liberation?

I created TrueSelf Liberation for those who want…

To break free from their personal and/or work issues

To live in integrity with their TrueSelf

To create a life that’s right for them.

All while feeling clear, in control, respected, understood and empowered.

I created TrueSelf Liberation as a result of years of working with those who aren’t really like everybody else. They are often, bright, successful or even brilliant yet not always in conventional ways.  They may not have been diagnosed with trauma or neurodiversity, yet for them, standard therapeutic approaches don’t seem to cut it. I help these people transform, heal and grow. It’s for those who want to understand themselves while feeling free and fulfilled.

My clients want…

To be free of emotional pain, limiting beliefs, mental anguish, abuse, crisis, frustration,  narcissists, dissatisfaction, trauma, codependency, stress, anxiety or feeling stuck.

To be free of mental confusion and behaving in ways that don’t serve them, that they can’t solve with only willpower or good intentions.

To better understand themselves, others, their own lives, and even life itself – while also being properly understood.

To balance their logical, surface self with their deeper, soulful self, without getting caught up in weirdness they can’t relate to.

To feel nurtured and supported, while in control and treated as an equal.

To seek tangible, visible, felt results that they can trust and that last.

To stop feeling that practitioners don’t really get them or are offering them too narrow an approach, that doesn’t see the big picture and effectively solve their issues at a deep level.

For this reason I work with people who value authenticity and integrity, and who want to feel in control. Who want to be educated, engaged and to feel held in the work, yet to not be talked down to or patronised.

I specialise in working with people who aren’t just looking to know more about their feelings, beliefs and behaviour. Instead they want their feelings and behaviour to change in a fundamental way, to create shifts so that their issues and struggles actually go away.

Throughout my life and career I’ve seen that all effective transformation, in fact all paths for such people, eventually lead to the liberation of our TrueSelf. So it makes absolute sense to me, that this is where to focus.

Together, we compassionately and safely gain a clearer awareness of who you are and what’s going on for you. Then, we create a strategic plan to clear the core negative issues and liberate your TrueSelf.

We resolve the troublesome areas of your relationship with yourself, with others and with the outside world, for the better. All in a way that feels grounded, down-to-earth and nurturing. You get results that you can feel and see for yourself. Results that others around you will notice and confirm.

Reconnecting to your TrueSelf 

We don’t need to create a new you.

You’re not broken so you don’t need fixing. 

Instead we simply need to increase your clarity and self awareness while clearing away what’s getting between you and your TrueSelf. That’s how you get your liberation. As it’s from your TrueSelf that your confidence, self love, compassion and clarity about who you are and how you want to live, emerges.

Together we will strategically create a transformation from within. No one else has your unique identity or is here to be you. 

It’s as if you’re an unearthed diamond that needs gentle yet powerful cleaning to reconnect you to yourself and your brilliance.

During our time together we’ll focus on clearing your pain and freeing you from your issues. We’ll give you the skills, knowledge and self awareness to understand and support yourself so that you can create and live a life that is right for your TrueSelf.

To do this we will use a combination of personal education, Transformational Insights, EFT Tapping, Timeline Therapy® and Parts Work, depending on what’s appropriate. To nurture, support, educate and empower you, we’ll use stories, metaphors and memorable concepts. It will become easy to develop a useful shorthand to naturally integrate all of this learning into your life and to share it with others should you wish to.

As you shift you’ll find that life shifts too. You’ll begin to clarify and master your personal strengths. You’ll thrive and find freedom. You’ll discover that once it is liberated, your TrueSelf will always do the heavy lifting for you in your life. Clients are amazed and thrilled when they discover what’s actually possible.

Are we Right For Each Other?

Often clients approach me wanting to deal with a specific issue, problem or frustration. Sometimes they’re in a time of crisis or transition. Some have experienced past or present trauma. Others, dissatisfied for long enough, are looking for something that will actually work for them, to change things permanently. 

I mostly attract clients who are already working on themselves, already on a path of personal growth and or spirituality. Who are looking for self love, peace, freedom and satisfying human connection. 

Or I work with people in the opposite position, who’ve done little or none of this kind of work before and aren’t sure what to expect. 

Whichever category you fall into, you’ll usually be looking to understand and be understood. I’m highly experienced and I know how to help you. 

So let’s work together…

…if you’re looking to be more authentically your Trueself and you’re looking for someone who’ll understand you, treat you as an equal and support you with this project. 

…if truth and integrity really matter to you, as you don’t take things at face value. Things have to make sense, fit with your values and feel right for you. 

…if you’re open minded, flexible in your thinking, yet sensible and logical.

…if you grasp that while we all have a ‘Surface-self’, it’s our Soul-self, that is the bigger part of us, somehow guiding and driving us forward.

…if you embrace the everyday world, yet you know that life is only showing you a fraction of what is really going on and of what’s possible. 

We won’t be so compatible…

…if you just want to fix what’s troubling you on a very surface level, you don’t want to invest money, time and energy into personal growth. Or you aren’t ready to look at the bigger picture and deal with things properly.

…if you’re uncomfortable with talk of energy, soul connections or the idea of those who pass over staying around us. Or if you reject the concept of an ultimate universal life force, that many call Nature, Spirit, God, Om, Energy, the Quantum Field, Oneness or by any other name.

You don’t need to know anything about any of these issues or even believe in them, yet it won’t work between us if you’re averse to these topics.

breaking through and breaking free

Move beyond Stress, anxiety, Depression, trauma, Transitions, Overwhelm, panic & fear

I have many years of experience successfully working with these and related issues

Resolve Problems in Your personal life,
work & career, relationships,
parenting, Childhood issues, health issues,
Spirituality issues

I work holistically as our issues often show up in one or many areas of our lives

Escape your Emotional struggles, Limiting beliefs,
control issues, feeling stuck or trapped

Whether you’re hurt, sad, angry, grieving, guilty, frustrated or fearful, I can help you clear these feelings and pave the way to your TrueSelf Liberation

Join the Hundreds Of brave, determined clients

I've Already Helped To Reclaim Their peace and freedom

“Willow shows up with so much knowledge and experience while being so honestly herself. ”

"She’s genuine and nurturing. I love that she moved so far beyond her own difficult childhood and build a life she loves. She inspires me and gives me hope as I recover from my own stress and problems from the past. I’d say that coaching with Willow has saved my life."*

“You are so talented. We got to the heart of what was really going on. this was such a rewarding experience.״

"I have a new job and my marriage is back on track but more importantly I’m at peace. I love that you didn’t push yourself onto me, instead you drew me out. This combination, using wisdom and insight along with all your background training and skills, it makes you a brilliant lifecoach." *

“Working with Willow, I have been able to focus on what’s important, both professionally and personally to me”

"I let go of old behaviours and emotional baggage so that I could clearly see the best course for me in my home and business life. Other training courses and techniques did not enable me to make these changes. I couldn’t endorse her work more strongly, I feel blessed to have found her." *

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