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True Self Liberation with Willow

I am a smart, warm, strategic, down to earth yet soulful women. I’ve a psychology degree, multiple therapeutic and coaching qualifications and a creative, corporate background. Plus I have decades of hands on experience and success with my holistic style of soulful, therapeutic life coaching.

I show up as a real person rather than hiding behind my role. I’ll be open and honest about my own values, experiences and perspective, while always respecting yours. 

My role is to nurture and support you, I’m insightful and bravely direct, while also being non judgemental and gentle. 

I’m aware of many connections and patterns that clients just aren’t seeing for themselves (until I walk them towards an aha moment where they see it for themselves or I gently point them out to them) so can offer new insights and solutions. 

I work on both a logical and strategic level, embracing the conscious and the unconscious. Yet also focussing energetically and soulfully, in a down to earth way. I coach from my TrueSelf, as by showing up authentically as me, I support you to get more connected to your own TrueSelf. 

It doesn’t take long for my clients to reach a point where they call me an ‘Insight Ninja’ or ask me if I’m psychic.’ I am a little but I’m also very knowledgeable, experienced and well suited to this work. 

I know that we are not broken and that we don’t need fixing. 

Even though it often looks and feels like we are, when we are struggling. 

In truth our surface self just gets a little ‘gunked up’ with too much emotion, fear, limiting beliefs and negative energy. We sometimes get stuck under out of date issues that are way past their ‘sell by’ date. It’s just a normal part of being human that, thankfully, there is a solution for.

From this ‘gunked  up’ place it can feel like we are driving with the breaks on. It can feel like the TrueSelf becomes imprisoned or disappears. Caught up in our fears, over thinking and control issues, we drift too far out of alignment, out of integrity, with our own TrueSelf. 

Yet, having worked with so many and such varied clients and having created transformations on so many different issues, I can confidently give you a realistic expectation of what’s possible for you when you engage in this experience. It’s all about knowing where to focus and then how to help you to create the clearing, insights and shifts. 

My approach comes from a holistic understanding of who we truly are, based on my decades of experience, as a client, as a professional, and from my own personal journey. I use leading edge techniques that release unwanted feelings without needing to distress you unnecessarily or ask you to re-live everything that’s happened to you. We get the most effective clearing by being both strategic and focussed around how and where we do the work. 

I take a combined strategic and soulful approach, looking at the big picture but also the deeper picture to see what will create the greatest positive impact for you.

During our time together we may use any combination of talking, Transformational Insights, EFT Tapping, Timeline Therapy® or Parts Work, depending on what’s appropriate for you.

We’ll focus on clearing your pain and freeing you from lingering issues. You’ll get to compassionately liberate your TrueSelf and discover that it will always do the heavy lifting for you, if only you’ll let it. Which after this work, comes naturally.

As the work progresses, you’ll understand yourself, you’ll get to live more soulfully, authentically and in integrity, as your true, powerful self emerges. When fully connected to your innate well being, life gets better, we handle life better, and as a result we thrive from this space.

My clients are amazed when they discover what’s truly possible. 

About Willow

I was born and raised in and around Stratford on Avon, England (Shakespeare’s country) yet I’m Irish. We are a large, loving, supportive yet disrupted family, who’ve been impacted by intergenerational trauma, that can be traced back to both our Irish heritage and World War One. 

I had a very challenging early life. As a child I struggled with pain and shame about unexplained (and undiagnosed) dyslexia and neurodiversity and I experienced childhood trauma.

After Uni I lived in London for 30 years, firstly enjoying the creative corporate life of branding, advertising, innovation and new product development, that drew on my psychology background. Then I ran my own business while gradually transitioning into being a full time therapist, hypnotherapist and life coach, finally forming TrueSelf Liberation as it stands today. 

In recent years I moved to a more rural location but I will always feel like a Londoner. I love both nature and the city, especially places that make my heart sing. I am a internationally published writer and Sunday Times best seller, having written 3 spiritual/self help books that were sold internationally in multiple languages, with more books on the way. I’m also the creator of The Truth Cards (.com)

I’ve been married twice, and I have a child from each marriage, with 15 years between them. I’m a keen, involved, loving Mum with a successfully blended family.

As an adult I privately struggled with earning good money yet still over spending due to my trauma and codependency issues. Plus I had linked food/body and relationships issues. I was unconsciously caught in being who I thought I should be, rather than fully embracing my TrueSelf (which included my neuro diversity, dyslexia, energetic awareness, being strongly both logical and emotional and my spirituality).

So I’ve been both the client and the practitioner. Which means that I really know what it’s like to sit in the client’s seat and be looking for reliable and effective help that creates real shifts, while feeling respected and in control. I know how hard it can be to find someone you can respect and trust to work with. To find someone who sees the big picture and is strategically focussed enough that you really get to the bottom of things and properly clear your unwanted issues, while getting to love and understand yourself. 

I’ve focused on my own TrueSelf Liberation and despite life’s natural ups and downs I’m truly happy and fulfilled with myself and my life. My younger self would not have believed this level of transformation was possible. Now I love to support people to realise what’s possible, that you can heal from trauma and wake up to your TrueSelf.


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