Soulful Life Coach,
Sunday Times Best Seller,
Guide, mentor & Mum

Willow Bennett

My style of guidance and coaching does two things at the same time.

I help you to sort out the problems you come to me with.
and I show you who you really are and how life really works.

This combination creates an experience that is truly transformational and liberating.

It means that you leave our work empowered and able to live more soulfully in the everyday world 

You become liberated, as your authentic, true, unique powerful self.


Willow's Approach

I take a strategic and soulful approach, looking at the big picture to see what will create the greatest impact.

I support you to be aware of your True Self connection while we are doing the change work, as that’s where your innate wellness and power lie.

During out time together we may use any combination of 

Transformational Insights, 

EFT Tapping, 

Timeline Therapy® 

or Parts Work,

 depending on what is appropriate.

Our work together comes from my holistic understanding of who we all truly are, based on my decades of experience.

We’ll focus on clearing your pain and freeing you from your issues. Yet, more importantly, you get to compassionately Liberate your True Self.

By the end of our time together you’ll know how to access your True Self and you’ll know that it will always do the heavy lifting in life for you, if you are willing to let it.

Clients are usually amazed when they discover what’s actually possible. 

Willow's Philosophy

I show up as a smart, strategic, down to earth women, with first a corporate and then a therapeutic /coaching background.

Yet it doesn’t take long for my clients to reach a point where they call me an ‘Insight Ninja’ or they ask me if I’m psychic.’ 


This is because I coach from my True Self, which supports you to get more connected to your own True Self. This approach coupled with clearing techniques mean that amazing shifts can take place.

I’m all about integrity. I live the way I coach, guide and support women. I’ve worked with clients of all ages, all  genders and I’ve worked across all topics over the years. Yet I now work mostly with women and men with feminine energy (and sometimes their teenage daughters) as this is my passion.

I’m mutli-qualified and I have a whole heap of life and client experience. I’m naturally insightful, intuitive and strategic. I love leading you to your truth, to your soulful place, as that’s where I know your true power lies. 


I coach with one foot firmly planted in (what seems like) our everyday reality, while my other foot is firmly awake to our True Self, our soulful self. Awake to the energy field, the oneness, the intelligence that runs almost invisibly behind everything in life.

I see behind the curtain to what is really going on both logically and strategically yet also energetically and soulfully. 

This dual perspective means that I am an expert in helping you get to the root of your issues, to clearing them properly and to helping you to wake up to your own knowing, intuition and power.

I know that we are not broken and that we don’t need fixing. Even though it often looks and feels like we are when we are struggling in life. 

In truth our surface self just gets a little ‘gunked up’ with too much emotion, fear, limiting beliefs and negative energy. It’s just a normal part of being human. We sometimes get stuck under ‘out of date’ issues that are way past their ‘sell by’ date.

Then it can feel like we are driving with the breaks on. Caught up in our fears, over thinking and control issues. We drift too far out of alignment, out of integrity, with our own True Self. It can feel like the True Self becomes imprisoned or dissapears.

Yet it’s our soul, our True Self that has all the real solutions, while having none of the fears and stress.

With my strategic, insightful approach, you get back into integrity with your True Self.

You’ll begin to really let life support you and then you find yourself genuinely trusting that it will.

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