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True Self Liberation
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6 month ‘True Self Liberation’ coaching package (Limited Availability)


For 6 months I’ll be your go to person. Your trusted advisor, guide and coach. We’ll meet at least 21 times (for standard length and sometimes longer sessions) and during that time we’ll also be connected on WhatsApp. 

To ensure that you reach your ideal level of True Self Liberation, together we will explore your history, background, personal experiences, your personality, your emotional issues and your belief system. We’ll clear out of date painful feelings, habits and beliefs. We’ll find your True Self and together we will Liberate it. Which will lead you towards your goals and your dreams without you having to force the process. Our intention will be for you to emerge refreshed and invigorated into freedom and thriving. 

What’s Included:

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2 Month EFT Tapping Emotional & Mental Health Package


For 2 months we will meet weekly, 1 to 1, on zoom, to shift your presenting issues and become fully awake to the lifetime power and healing benefits of EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping stands for ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’. It is often explained as a form of energy psychology (some people think of it like acupuncture without the needles). When fully clothed we gently tap with our fingers, mostly on our hands and face, taking advanage of the energy meridians in our body.

EFT Tapping offers you tangible, felt results in the briefest of time. It’s not a distraction technique, rather it’s about letting things clear. It’s a brilliant technique when used by an experienced practitioner and can be used for just about anything.

Sometimes we focus on a very straightforward issue so we will tap through it very quickly and it will feel like it just disappeared. Other times the issue takes more time to explore and to clear so Tapping can be like peeling away the layers of an onion. We work with the first layer, then the next, layer by layer, tapping and clearing, until it is resolved.

Once you experience my style of tapping, you can tap on yourself, by yourself, with great results. You can tap at any time, in any place, on any occasion, even in ways that no one around you will even notice. Once you know what you’re doing, all you need are your own hands. It’s absolutely free. It never runs out and it truly empowers you.

EFT Tapping is becoming more and more mainstream. It’s used by aspects of the medical world, the Military, the Educational System and even by the Aviation Industry in their Fear of flying Courses. It is currently being studied to determine whether it should be officially used by the NHS.

I would encourage anyone and everyone  to learn EFT tapping as a powerful first-aid and mental health support technique.

Once you know what you are doing you have a free, portable, positive ‘change-technique’ that both calms your nervous system and allows you to shift your feelings, thoughts and beliefs, at anytime, anywhere. It is applicable to almost any environment and to any situation or stress that you may be struggling with. My clients tend to quickly get their whole family into ‘Tapping’ once they’ve discovered it.

On the most challenging flight I’ve ever been on for turbulence, I offered to help a lady who was curled in a ball, sobbing across the aisle, she was very distressed. Then I noticed the state the man seated in front of me was in. Using EFT tapping I ended up working with about 25 people at once who were seated near enough to hear my guidance. All of who were equally scared and all wanting the same support they saw these two people getting from me. 

I didn’t touch anyone. I was simply their guide on how and where  to tap on themselves and where to focus their attention as they did this. Within less than 10 minutes everyone was feeling safe, comfortable and out of their fear and distress. Instead they were busy chatting about the incredible impact of this thing called ‘Tapping’ that they’d never even heard of before.

I also used tapping to reduce my blood pressure (which had gone dangerously high) before surgery. 

Having attracted the interest of the younger anaesthetist present, I ended up with him getting me to use EFT Tapping while he timed me with a stop watch while monitoring my currently ‘ too high’ blood pressure.  All the time, we were watched over by the senior anaesthetist who confidently claimed that lowering my blood pressure the agreed number of points required, in the time available, couldn’t be achieved by me (or anyone else). Yet my blood pressure fell the required amount in half the time they’d given me. He ended up admitting how amazed he was and opening his mind to the power of EFT Tapping. While I went into surgery feeling calm and serene. 

Maybe it’s time to see how EFT Tapping can impact not only your physiology, but your thoughts, beliefs and emotions too.

What’s Included in this package:

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Clearing of Emotional Baggage & Limiting Beliefs Using Timeline Therapy® 

Stage 1 – Clear your 5 core Negative Emotions £1,789
Stage 2 – Clear you 2 worst Negative or Limiting Beliefs
(Stage 1 and 2 Bundle £3,278)

We meet over Zoom for 6 sessions for Stage 1 (Emotional Clearing) and for 2 longer sessions for Stage 2 (Belief Clearing). 


With Time Line Therapy® my clients experience immediate and lasting shifts during the work. It allows you to clear the charge from any previous negative events and any current or past painful or unhelpful beliefs and emotions. You can completely and easily let them go WITHOUT having to experience or re-live them. 

When it’s done, it’s done, so clients are often amazed at how complete the shift is. There’s no effort required afterwards. You are simply released from the old feeling or belief once we do this work successfully.


It works because your mind has unconsciously stored everything that has ever happened to you in a framework that uses time. All our experiences seem to have date/time stamps attached to them and can be accessed for healing through this technique. Even when we don’t consciously know where or what we need to work on, the technique allows our True Self to guide the work.


The theory behind Time Line Therapy® is twofold
Firstly, that our our present day problem has its roots (the root cause) in the past. Whether that’s in this life, a past life or through an ancestral genetic or energetic connection. (Some people prefer to see this as a metaphor yet still get the results).


Secondly, that the root cause and anything that connects to it are all tied together like beads on a necklace. So, what is bothering us now isn’t only about what is happening now. It’s about what it is also attached to from the past. 


Metaphorically, it’s like we never took the kitchen bin bags out to the dustbins. Instead we let them pile up on the kitchen floor and then walked over them without seeing them. So we now have a room full of old, previous bags of beliefs, feelings and energies that keep tripping us up, all tied to each other.


Luckily we only need to clear each set of bags out once, even though there are many bags in each set. The amazing benefit of Time Line Therapy® is that when we find and throw out the first bag, (the root cause) then all the others that are connected to it, will go with it.


When we clear the ‘root cause’ (which is easily uncovered by our unconscious mind) then the negative feelings and energies related to this also clear. Yet the learnings and insights from it remain. We don’t lose or forget our history, but we stop feeling the pain of it. 


So Time Line Therapy® allows you to gain emotional control over your life experiences from a safe, comfortable distance. Any old and ‘past their sell by date’ feelings of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt (the five core emotional ingredients of every negative feeling you ever have) get cleared.


We can clear feelings and the linked negative beliefs from events such as painful childhood experiences, tough times as an adult, traffic accidents, physical assault, experiences around death, shock, trauma etc. and also the seemingly smaller, less important issues (like personal, relationship, work or family struggles or conflict) that somehow still really trouble or impact us.


We can also clear any limiting or negative beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I can’t get things right’, ‘I’ll never find love’, ‘I’ll never earn enough money’ etc. Any belief we clear will no longer create false limitations or hamper our ability to create reachable and attainable goals and outcomes. 


Before the work it’s often hard to imagine the liberation it will bring yet after, clients are celebrating it.

What’s Included:

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The Year Long True Self Liberation Transformational Journey (Limited Availability)


For One whole Year, I’ll be your go to person. Your trusted advisor, guide and coach. We’ll meet on Zoom, at least 44 times (for standard and longer sessions) and during that time we’ll also be connected on WhatsApp. 

 The difference between this year long package and my 6 month True Self Liberation package is that by committing to working together for longer, from the outset, we go on a different journey. We dig deeper, we have more time together to explore your TrueSelf including your shadow parts. We see the impact of our work as we progress and then we take it to the next level. 

We have more time and space to develop our mutual bond that allows a deeper, even more soulful exploration of your existence and your relationship to your inner wisdom and trust in life. All while positively impacting you’re everyday life experience. 

Nowadays, so many of us are on a journey to find ourselves and our passion or purpose. Yet also on a journey, wanting to be free of previous negative experiences, past pain, our overthinking and our insecurities. 

Together, we commit to get beyond the current or surface pain and issues (by clearing it and/or changing your relationship with it). Which makes it easier to go within and find your own understanding of your own spirituality. To connect to your Soul Self at a deeper level. This isn’t simply about mindfulness or constant searching for new techniques or behaviours or answers to hold and keep your fears and insecurities at bay. This is about creating trust in yourself, in your soul and in life.

While I position myself very clearly as spiritual-not-religious, I have great respect for the central teachings of many religions. I just don’t always embrace how they are being culturally expressed in many societies. So I support people to explore their own views and then introduce them to insights and transformations that work for them.

I aim for my clients to leave our work together feeling that they have been on some kind of internal pilgrimage which resets their life. Which allows them to continue onwards, confident in being and living from their True Self, which is fully integrated with their soul self. 

My clients leave our work knowing that life always has their back and that the oneness (of which their soul is a part) will always do the heavy lifting for them, once they lean into it, knowing they can trust in it. 

In this work, while we dig deep, we also find healing, humour, compassion, tears and joy. You really find yourself with all your strength, beauty and integrity. You become free. 

In one way, our bond allows you a new, supportive, nurturing, insightful, open and honest kind of re-parenting experience. Most of us never actually experienced this as children (even if we adore our parents) because we are always looking for parental love and approval. 

Whereas in our work I’ll hold that unconditional acceptance, nurture and positive regard without you needing to earn it from me. You get to show up with all your flaws and seemingly ‘negative aspects’ and are met with compassion and nurture.

Yet, within our time together, our work will be also about moving you into your power and individuality as a truly functioning adult both now and in the world going forwards. So that you are free on the inside (at a Soul and inner child Level) and on the outside (at your surface self, adult self level, where you interact with and negotiate the world).

This work is about ‘relationship’ but it’s not about developing a long term dependency. It’s about growing up by growing through and I’m honoured to get to do this work with those women, men or teenagers who embrace it. While at some level, soulful growth work is never finished (as humans we are always evolving forward) this transformational work takes you and your life onto a different level.

Some of Our work together will be using Timeline Therapy and EFT tapping for clearing and self empowerment (see the packages above). Some of it will be educational in a simple reductive structure using everyday metaphors that make these ideas easy to assimilate and embody. This work isn’t about willpower, it’s about transformation on a human and soulful level.

When I am coaching for Transformational Insights, it can look like we are just chatting with enough time to explore things without pressure. This is actually an orchestrated place where we purposely arrive into a state where our hear and minds shift into a zone where deep insights are more likely to effortlessly appear.

New ideas, realisations or connections just seem to emerge from within us or flow through us. With insight we feel, see or know things in a new way, it suddenly falls into place and you just get it. Once you’ve got it, you can’t un-get it. It becomes embodies. In this work, I t’s our True Self that ‘does’ this heavy lifting.

The beauty of Transformational Insight work, rests in seeing things for yourself from within. You don’t have to take on someone else’s truth from outside of you. You are not being told… instead you know it for yourself. It’s yours and thus it has integrity.

When using insights in this way, many of our seemingly fixed issues can simply melt away. We get less caught up in worry, stress, panic or anxiety. We are less driven to predict, control or resist our feelings, the future or other people. We are less likely to believe that we are not equipped for the experiences that we are having or for life itself.

We let go of believing that things can’t change easily. We follow our guidance about when to do any ‘change’ work. We grow to trust ourselves and to trust in life.

As our True Self knows that our fears are just our insecure thinking, when we get into this work, they start to dissolve. We get naturally braver, we try new things and we find that it’s easier to get things done. Life becomes much more serendipitous.

Most of my clients that embark on this work with me are still in touch with me. They see me as a trusted advisor. Some having become firm friends and others still exchanging messages on high days and holidays and when they have exciting breakthroughs or challenging moments in their lives. Or they return briefly to work with me again when they are experiencing new shifts or growth later in life.

This Year Long Soulful Transformational Journey offers you an amazing, life changing, investment in yourself..

What’s Included:

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One-Off Consultations

What’s ReallyGoing on?
Half day Strategic Solutions


In the corporate world I worked for many well know brands (such as Guinness, Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, Disney etc.) And I ran many day long or multiple daylong creative and brainstorming sessions, to develop innovation and strategy.

Either in business or in our personal life, we are often looking for the chance to talk things through, to get a clearer understanding of the issues and to know where to go from here. 

I am an innate strategist who is experienced and talented at working out what’s really going on under confusion, overwhelm or doubt. I also understand the importance of trusting your inner wisdom, your soulful self while aiming for authenticity, integrity and high vibes. I cannot guarantee your ideal outcome but you’ll come away being glad that we got to the truth.

One-Off Phone Consultation


We live in an isolating world. Sometimes you just need somebody to talk to.

Ideally you want that person to be experienced in handling you exactly where you’re at, with kindness and compassion.I’m here to help you feel safe enough to be vulnerable, to open up with me when you don’t know me yet and I don’t know you. You want to be respected and understood. I’m here for you.

While I don’t wish to work with people on a single session by session basis because my work involves the building of an ongoing powerful relationship, I do offer these one off sessions that can be booked last minute by anyone who could do with someone wise and experienced, to talk to.

By exploring this website (and the testimonials here from previous clients) you’ll get a flavour of who I am. So if you want to book a session to access my support, wisdom and compassion, with no long-term plans or commitment… then this is the service I offer for you.

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