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True Self Liberation

Client Success Stories

“I wanted to tell you how my life has changed since our sessions and how happy I am. Thank You”

“I’ve fallen deeply in love with a high earning man like me, with kids. We’re now living happily together and I finally have the family I always dreamed of. I know this wouldn’t have happened without working with you and learning to listen to myself. Thank you.” *

Emma S.

“I could never be where I am Today without you. I wholeheartedly recommend coaching with Willow”

“What struck me was how you don’t approach our sessions with a preformed answer or a set formula. You genuinely listen, yet at the same time there is a sense of being held. It’s as if time stands still and then you lead me to see things in totally new ways.” *

Pippa B.

“You helped me see that the answer lay in finding my True Self, Not in avoiding it.”

"I wanted to share some good news as I’ve been recruited by the consultant we got me to talk with last summer. Now everything’s shifted for me. She did hold the key to all of these new professional openings. Right now the salary is double what I was on before and that’s a lovely bonus." *

“Willow’s so wise, I’d tell anyone to work with her״

"I was looking for tools and techniques to fix me. Yet Willow guided me to spend more time looking at how I’m not really broken. I began to see the difference between my True Self guiding me to use a technique when appropriate versus being like a ‘technique-fix-me-addict’." *

“I found you to be a very nurturing and caring person while also highly professional and well Informed,
It is a powerful combination”

"I wanted to say a big thank you. I’ve made some really important decisions that I simply didn’t feel able to make before. My confidence is much higher and I no longer feel depressed or stuck. I only wish I’d done it sooner. Thanks again." *

“Willow has the most amazing ability to find out what’s going on”

“She’s insightful, she knows so much and she has a wealth of experience. She’s like CSI for your feelings (and your actions). She helps you know what you need to work on and she’s just as amazing at doing the work. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” *

June D.

“You Helped Me To Sort Out My Problems And opened my eyes to what is possible”

“I’m amazed how I got this far in my life without knowing about EFT tapping. You helped me understand, let it go and feel differently, where previously other highly rated practitioners hadn’t succeeded.” *

Hilary A.

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