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Uncover powerful personal answers to all your questions

Discover how the 48 messages of THE TRUTH CARDS™ connect you to your own Truth

The Truth Cards contain timeless, psychological, spiritual and emotional messages while being practical and accessible for everyone.

The Truth Cards offer a 48 card deck to connect you to your own truth which is your inner wisdom.

They allow you to be empowered, to be independent and to be in control.

They support you to know your own truth, without anyone else getting in your way or trying to control you.  

So, when you are looking for your own answers…
When you are ready to talk to your inner self…
The Truth Cards act as a prompt, as an oracle.

They offer you insightful wisdom and guidance…
Wisdom that your inner-self recognises and let’s you understand. 

Using The Truth Cards is all about what the card you draw means to you personally – what it leads you to realise or think about. It’s the truth you’re ready to let yourself know.

As you use the cards you’ll find yourself instinctively knowing what to do, think or feel in relation to your question. Immediately, or over time, insights and realisations will appear. When you use The Truth Cards, your truth, your inner wisdom emerges. People find that the more they use the cards the more they realise how powerful they are.

Our vision was to create an updated system to connect to Universal and inner wisdom. 
1. To answer everyday questions about the issues faced by people in today’s world. 
2. To create something that stopped yourself or other people getting in the way of what you did or didn’t want to hear. 
3. To give you access to what isn’t always easily accessible.

We set out to create a card deck that didn’t require an expert to interpret the messages. Cards that anyone on any level could use to gain clear, strong answers that they could feel the truth of. Answers that are sufficiently personalised and bespoke to your question, that don’t ask you to give your power to someone other than yourself.

The Corner Cards

The Truth Cards allow you to answer your questions and make better decisions in all key areas of life – Money, Love, Work and Health.

The 48 central messages of truth are further explained by the unique corner messages. You use the central message on each card and combine this with the relevant corner message that fits with your question. Each corner has its own symbol that is linked to the different areas of life so that you know which corner (or corners) to focus on.

The Truth Cards™ offer you the highest level of guidance and insight

When you pick your Truth Card to answer your question you use a randomly shuffled pack with the cards face down. 

This lets you feel drawn to the right card, setting your opinions or expectations aside and letting your Truth find you. 

The experience of using The Truth Cards shows you how powerful they are. When you use them you feel the connection to your own Truth

‘Unbelievably powerful guidance tool’Donna

Therapist, Milton Keynes

‘The more I use them, the more I realise how powerful they are’Mal

Book-keeper, London

‘Once you know your own Truth, then nothing less will do‘Tony

Writer, New York

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